Hypothesis – cinderella1013

  1. burning fossil fuels
  2. fossil fuels and emissions
  3. the effect fossil fuel emissions have on the environment
  4. By having more hybrid cars, the amount of CO2 and greenhouse gasses released will be significantly reduced.
  5. Creating more fully electric cars will reduce the amount of emissions on the environment and help improve air quality and climate change.
  6. Fully eliminating gas dependent cars from the road will erase harmful emissions that cause air pollution and climate change, and increase awareness of environmental changes due to human contribution.
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3 Responses to Hypothesis – cinderella1013

  1. davidbdale says:

    I mostly disagree.
    Good first draft, though.

    Fully electric cars run on electricity.
    Electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels.

    EVs don’t emit greenhouse gases from their tailpipes, but they’re not environmentally pure if the electricity they run on came from burning coal. Not to mention the plant that generated the electricity might be hundreds of miles away and half or more of the electricity could be lost in the transmission lines and switches.

    Imagine bragging: My new Fully-Electric car runs on dirty inefficient coal!

    But please please please adopt that hypothesis (or one like it) as your premise and put to rest the myth that EVs are the complete answer to our transportation needs. They’re a step in the right direction, for sure, but . . .

    (Also, the environmental devastation caused by extracting the rare minerals needed to produce more and more long-term batteries to store all that electricity will be the next unintended global crisis.)

    Maybe, as solar panels become ever more efficient, homes can generate THEIR OWN electricity and use it to charge their cars. That would eliminate the coal, and the transmission lines, but not the batteries. Every solution contains its own problems.

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    • Thank you for the feedback I really appreciate it.

      From what you said, I decided I want to change the route I’m going in. I like the topic but I want to focus more on the counterintuitive angel of electric cars. Most people think that electric cars will stop pollution, when they will actually increase pollution because of how the energy is created.

      I haven’t thought of a new hypothesis yet but am working on it. I also want to mention the solar panels idea that you presented, I just need to figure out how to incorporate that. I look forward to our meeting on Monday and hopefully you can help me proceed in a better direction.

  2. Your topic is very interesting but I feel like it is mostly intuitive. It seems like a pretty straight train of thought to go from “no more gas dependent cars” to “less gas related issues”. Ultimately I think finding an interesting and unintuitive spin might do you more justice.

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