Today, Augustus is prided as one of the greatest leaders of Rome. Many scholars regard Augustus as a great ruler that was extremely conscientious about the needs and health of his citizens. National Geographic cites some of Augustus’s greatest accomplishments to be “passing laws to encourage marriage stability, renewing religious practices, instituting a system of taxation and a census, and expanding the Roman roads.” Brittanica even calls him “one of the great administrative leaders of our history.” Augustus had many accomplishments that were great for the Roman empire, but his actions do not support his own values. He encouraged Virgil to create a false origin story that distracted from the horrors of the original origin story, while giving Augustus the ability to claim direct descent from the gods. Augustus also had Livy and Ovid rewrite the origin story and dismissed Ovid when he disagreed. Livy on the other hand created a work that Augustus approved of, but victim-blamed and dismissed the validity and citizenship of the women involved. Augustus wanted to found an empire that was created on “old Roman values” of monogamy, chastity, and piety. Livy’s dismissal of the Sabine women shows the acceptance of rape when it is to women that are not initially of Roman citizenship, and condemns rape (by blaming the woman) when it is done to a Roman citizen. The values that Augustus preaches don’t hold true within the works produced by his panel of authors. Augustus’s actions before and during his emperor-ship show the minimal care he has for his citizens, and the great care he has for himself and his legacy. 

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