Visual Rhetoric-kaboom

0:01- The video starts with a big message appearing on the screen. It reads, “The real conversations between loved ones and the covid vaccine.” The setting appears to be a studio. Lights are seen with a green screen towards the back. In the middle of the shot we see two chairs, a rug, and a table with glasses on them. Perhaps inferring the fact that two people, or “loved ones,” will be sitting.  The camera begins to pan to the right. 

0:02- The next shot begins with a white woman and black man sitting in the chairs. The woman is seen in the left chair, the man is seen in the right chair. The woman is wearing an orange shirt with jeans, the man black pullover and jeans. The lamp is on behind them along with background lights behind them. Also, a ladder and wood boxes can be seen with rope hanging on top of it. A mic can also be seen hovering over the two. Both seen with stern faces, and appear to be engaging in a serious conversation. Hands are crossed and their legs are about shoulder width apart. 

0:04- This shot is focused straight on the woman. Pink is dyed on to her hair as we can now see. Her mouth appears to be slightly open ready to speak. Her shirt is orange and she is staring blankly into the black man’s eyes. Two big lights can be seen in the background. One is round and the other is square. 

0:06- Now present on the screen is a black woman in the same place the white woman was. Her face also is stern with her hand on her chin and elbow on the table. She is wearing overalls and a flower looking long sleeve. We can’t clearly see the person she is talking to, but it is definitely a different person than the last shot. He is wearing an orange shirt. 

0:07- Now we see the man with the orange shirt. He appears to be a foreign looking light skinned man. Slick back hair and a mustache. Appearing to be speaking to the black woman. He also appears to be making a hand gesture that looks like he is explaining something. A square light, and circular light are seen in the background. 

0:08- Enter another different person into the shot. Sitting in the left chair. It is another black man. His mouth being open gives the impression he is also speaking. He also presents the hand gesture that he is explaining something, with both hands out in front of him almost pointed at the person he is talking to in the right chair. He is wearing a buttoned black shirt with earings. It appears to be another man in the shot, in a tan sweatshirt although it is blurry, making the black man the main focus in this shot. 

0:11- Next we see the person he is talking to. Another black man. He is not swearing a tan sweatshirt however. It is a collared tan shirt over a red one. He gives the facial expression of being sympathetic, confused, or engaged. He appears to be thoroughly listening to his friend however. 

0:12- The shot quickly changes to the one of the first people we saw in the video. The black man with the black pull over. He has an afro, and his mouth is closed inferring that he is listening to what his counterpart is saying. Which should be the white woman from the first shot. 

0:13- It is the same white woman with the pink hair. This time she seems saddened. Her eyes are watery giving the impression she is on the verge of crying. She seems to be the one talking about her being passionate about what she is speaking on. She still has a blank stare. 

0:15- The shots keep switching person to person. We now see again the black man with the buttoned shirt and earrings. His mouth is still open giving the impression he is speaking. He appears to lean back in the chair and continues to talk. 

0:18- Shot quickly goes from the man in the tan collared shirt back to the black man in the button down. The man in the button down now seems to be teary eyed. Also giving the impression he is passionate about what he is speaking on. 

0:20- We are now back again to the first people shown. The white woman and black man. This time the camera is behind chairs. They begin to hold hands. The white woman’s hand is one top, the black man’s on the bottom. 

0:21- We are now back to the black woman in the overalls, and the light skin man in the orange button down. The camera has both of them, and is shot in front of them. The woman appears to be standing up with her arms out, maybe going for a hug. The background now we can see the greenscreen, the ladder, wood boxes, rope and more lights. 

0:23- Back to the black man with black buttoned down shirt. He is the only one in the shot. Now is seen with a tear running down the left side of his face. Very stern, and serious face looking at the man across from him. 

0:25- Now we see the black man with the black buttoned down, and the black man with the tan button down hugging. A message is in the middle of the screen. It reads, “Let’s make an informed decision. Together.” The mic is seen behind the man in the tan button down. 

0:27- Shot with both the chairs and green screen in the back. There is no one sitting in the chairs now. Another message is in the middle of the screen, this time it’s a website . It says, “” Their logo in the bottom left “Ad Council,” along with a message next to it reading “It’s up to You,” in the middle of a bandaid. The water glasses are still full from the beginning of the video. We can infer these conversations were about the vaccine, one person who got the shot and the other who didn’t. 

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