Visual Rewrite – Jacqueline

Child Car Safety

The ad starts with a little girl in pigtails. I think she is probably only 8 or 9. She is walking into what looks like a bedroom, and there is light peaking through the curtains. SHe rushes up, stomping matter of factly because she wants her voice to be heard.  I am assuming it is the morning time from how light it is. I do not think this is her room, maybe it is her parents room. The girl is rushing in so they probably have something important to do. The filmmakers are probably trying to suggest that this is early morning and the little girl has something important, so she is waking someone up. By the way the camera is following her, we assume they want this to be not just from one person’s pov and instead the entire family.

The room is kind of messy at first glance, so there are probably a lot of kids in this family. Judging by the size of the room and the design this is probably a house in a suburb area. 

She walks right in and looks like what I assume to be her mother and father laying in bed. She stops right at the foot of the bed and makes a face. I think she says something loud enough to wake them up. She definitely wants them to wake up. I think the filmmaker is trying to apply to logos, by giving details leading up to the full point of the ad. 

The bed has what I assume to be her mother and father and the mother jumps up while the father is still laying, and she looks very frantic. She rips off her blanket, and pushes the father, and he rolls into the camera, as if he is falling out of bed. They definitely have a busy day, judging by the chaos shown in the first few seconds. 

It then pans to a blue room, there is a boy laying in the bed with his covers over him, and he looks like he is in a deep sleep. The father (I assume) is at the curtains, and grabbing them as if he is going to pull them. He pulls the curtains and the little boy squints and looks like he is groaning. He sets his hand over his head. The filmmaker is still applying logos, because I think he is trying to hint here that this is a large family and there is chaos. He takes a step, and the boy shuts the curtain again. I think there is somewhere to be.

Then the man again is shown in the somewhat cluttered kitchen. He is pouring milk in his cereal, but there is no milk. He looks very defeated. I still think this is a large household. The little girl from the beginning is twirling behind him, smiling and going in circles. He sighs and stares out the window. So far, I think they are having a terrible start to the day, with  late dates, and no milk.

Then, the mom is sifting through old shoes in a closet that falls out of the closet like an avalanche. The mom is searching hard as if there is no time. An older girl stands in the doorway with her other shoe looking at the mom. I think she is a soccer player from her shorts, cleats, and yellow top and a tiny exposure of her leg pads. The girl grabs the shoe and runs into what is assumed to be her room. The mom throws up her hands in frustration, because she has got this pile of shoes in front of her and she has to clean it up.

The dad also is opening the dryer at that same time, and pulls out a heap of pink clothes. He looks defeated once again, and now there is a little boy who looks like he is walking by but stops when he sees the father. He is in shock as well.He looks at the dad and looks worried. He looks like he is yelling something. The dad pulls the red socks off the clothes in shock. 

Then it pans to a car with all four children sitting in rows with two in seat belts, and the other two in the back buckled. They all have pink clothes on, and they are all smiling. The dad smiles at the mom, and the mom gives him the side eye, and they are off. 

I think that the filmmakers are trying to show that even though there is a lot going on in your day to day life as parents, it is important to make sure your child has the right car seat, and they are safe when transporting them. Just like they were able to make sure they had everything even though it was chaotic, they made sure that the kids were safe by making sure they all buckle their seatbelts, and are strapped in their carseats. 

I think this commercial mostly applied to logos and pathos, because they used logic to explain their reasoning, like how the parents made sure everyone was safe and had everything they had throughout the video, and pathos because they applied to family values. They wanted to apply to similar families with similar situations, so basically they created a scene that was realistic to different forms of family that backed up their point, as well as using logos. 

They made sure for us to understand pathos by showing how the woman and man as a parent want the best for their kids, and some viewers are able to watch that and understand what it is like. By using pathos they were able to appeal to families similar, because of the similarities, and showed them something important they could be reminding themselves, and each other when going out. I mainly think it applied to logos because it had a start middle and end and made sure that their point was made and understood by the end of the video.


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