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0.01 – The film camera is pointing towards the windows which are in the background of a man in his 20s drawing on a piece of large paper. The large windows in the background have a view of a couple of large buildings making me think this ad is taking place in the city. It seems to be daytime since the sun is beaming into what looks like a studio apartment since the levels of the other building seem to be similar in height. The studio is painted in a nice white color and looks modern and clean. The studio is spacious and there is a set of chairs and a table that are empty in the left corner of the room. The chairs seem to represent a seat open for anyone who enters the studio. The camera is filming at a slightly tilted position that is leaning towards the right. A large piece of paper is laid out on the right side of the room possibly on a table since the man is leaning against the paper. There is an image of a hand on the paper and the man is holding a marker quite possibly making him an artist. The man appears to be Asian and is wearing a casual outfit consisting of a  beany and a sweatshirt making him appear like a friendly person.  

0.03 – The camera is moving closer to the man drawing on the large piece of paper. The two chairs and table get out of the scene. The large piece of paper that has a drawing of many different lines connecting to one another is drawn in a black marker. Which could mean the man drawing is experiencing some deep feelings of loneliness or emotions that can be expressed by his drawing. The man also has a colorful bracelet on his right hand which could be a sign of his gender identification or a showcase of his childish side.

0.05 – The camera keeps moving near the man and pictures start flashing quickly. The first one is a picture of a young boy about five years old and an older woman are shown. The picture looks grainy and low quality which makes it look like has been a couple years since it has been taken. The boy is looking down at something and so is the woman who I assume is the boy’s mother. The woman is smiling and this seems like a good memory. The next picture has three individuals the one on the far left looks like the Asian man that was drawing on the paper before. The man seems to have a bit of his tuxedo and white shirt showing which could mean he is at a fancy event. There is an older woman in the middle and a younger female on the right-hand side. Both women look like they are of Asian descent and everyone is smiling. This photo looks like it’s a family picture of a son, mother, and daughter since the individuals look very alike. The third picture looks like it was tourn based on the rough edges which are a sign of the rough times the man experienced in his family. The picture has an older man in the middle who has older hair and is holding what looks like his son on the left-hand side and his daughter on the left-hand side. The two children that might be siblings look like they are about two to three years old. Everyone is dressed in casual clothes and seems to be happy based on their smiles. The last picture looks like it was taken on picture day at school. It looks like a picture of the man drawing in the first few scenes when he was in kindergarten. The boy looks happy based on his facial expression which looks excited based on the glow in his eyes and happiness which is shown by a big smile. 

0.06 – The camera is directed back at the man drawing specifically his upper body and face. This makes me think that the man was having flashbacks from his past and is thinking about where he is now when the camera pushes away from the man.

0.08 – There is a switch in perspective where the camera is right next to the Asian man drawing. The screen is only showing the large paper that is covered in black lines created by a marker. The background is blurry and the main focus is the man’s yellow sweatshirt sleeve as he draws with a large marker that seems to be almost out of black ink. The yellow sweatshirt is colorful and vibrant which makes me feel as if all the love and passion this man has in his drawings are represented by his clothes and transferred onto paper with a marker. The man has a silver ring in his right hand. There is also a wooden board that is also in the background it looks warn out like this man has been drawing for a long time. The camera moves in the same direction as the marker and shows more of the drawing.

0.10 – The camera shows a view of a road and a grey mini cooper that drives into the screen from the top right. The roof of the car is painted with primary and secondary colors such as red, yellow, and blue. The car gives off this energy of feeling welcomed and excepted. The colorful roof makes the car look like a fun environment to be a part of and quite possibly makes the driver a very down-to-earth person. There is a sidewalk on the left-hand side of the screen that has trash bags which may be a sign that this ad is taking place in a city. 

0.12 – The video camera is following the car and zooming into the roof. The middle of the roof has a painted hand that is yellow with a white eye and a colorful pupal. Surrounding the hand is a random array of red and orange shapes. The perimeter of the roof is filled with shapes that consist of different shades of blue. 

0.14 – The camera angle changes to be in the car looking at the driver’s steering wheel. The right arm has a couple of colorful bracelets that look like children make them. The driver is wearing a grey sweater that gives off this causal energy.  The driver’s fingernails are short and have no nail polish on them making me think this is most likely a man. Quite possibly the man that was drawing in his studio apartment earlier. 

0.15 – The camera shows a front seat passenger view of the man who draws to be in the driver’s seat of the mini cooper.  The man is wearing colorful sunglasses making me think he sees his life from a positive perspective. The words,” We all know what it’s like to feel left out” might mean that this ad is about coming together as a community. 

0.17 – The scene changes to the Asian man meeting up with two friends. The camera is showing the meeting of the two men from a side angle showing the Asian man on the left and the African American man on the right. There is a tall man that is African American who looks put together and looks like he is rocking a mix of casual and formal clothing. The tall man is also wearing a silver ring on his left hand and seems to be a photographer since he has a camera over his neck. There seems to be some lady in the background that seems to also be meeting up with the two men. She has a beautiful afro and is dressed in an all-black outfit. They look like they went out for coffee and know each other pretty well. The background is very colorful and shows a form of art known as graffiti which has been a common theme throughout this video. 

0.18 – The camera moves to only show the Asian man who seems happy to be with his friends. His outfit is a black beanie and a natural sweatshirt that has a pattern. The background really pops and the man looks almost like a silhouette. 

0.19 – Some person on the street crosses a group of friends right in front of the camera. They are holding a cup of coffee and wearing a burnt red jacket and an orange scarf and a silver ring on the left side of their hand. The woman with the afro is still in the frame and she seems to have a smile on her face even though she is looking down. The camera angle changes once again and the audience sees the Asian man in front with a big and excited smile on his face the lady with an afro to the back left and the lady that was passing by to the back right. The woman with the orange and red outfit is looking at the other woman and showing happiness with her smile and eye contact as the other woman also seems joyful with her presence. To the far left, there is a man with a bright orange sweatshirt which could be a symbol of community and the similarity these individuals have with each other. 

0.21 – The camera moves away from the group and the man in the bright orange color disappears but a garage door that is black and yellow shows up to take its spot. It seems like anyone can join their group and there is always an open spot for positive people to create a strong community. The background also looks like there are multiple garage doors that are being painted into beautiful murals.

0.22 – The entire friend group is shown crossing the street and looking at a bigger mural of the hand that the Asian man drew. The murals are shown in the middle of the city since there are tons of cars parked on the street. The mural is covering a part of what looks like an abandoned building that is yellow and stained from the weather. Next to the mural is an ad that says,” Together” and has an image of the hand mural on top of a car. On the bottom right corner of the screen, the mini cooper is peaking through with part of the mural that is drawn on the roof. The scene feels like a movement toward acceptance of all and a form of unity which is shown by art. In the middle of the screen in a white letter, it says,” We can change that.” In my opinion, this means that the group of friends is trying to help people see what true community looks like no matter what your appearance, hobbies, or knowledge may be.  There is a woman in a car on the right-hand side that is looking toward the mural. This is a great way to show how the vibrant colors of the hand mural are what will attract people to come together and enjoy a piece of art and a sense of community.

0.24 – The women apart of the friend group are raising their hands like they reached victory. A man from a different part of the street in a yellow jacket is also crossing the street. This is an even better visual of how people are willing to walk together to become a community one step at a time.

0.25 – A view from a patio is shown where there are lights hanging up and the hand moral is surrounded by other murals around it. The other murals are filled with tons of vibrant colors and ideas of what beauty and art is. The camera angle feels a bit isolated to the side of a patio which can be a sign that even outsiders can see their point of view of the message or even its beauty. There are apartment buildings in the background which shows how the community is coming together and working on working as a team to bring positivity even in a large city.

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