Visual Rhetoric Rewrite – rushhourillusion

(1) Concert | Coronavirus Response | Ad Council – YouTube

00:00 – The ad starts off showing a television in what looks like a living room. On the television it looks like a DJ with an electronic club background, like one you would see in a club or at a concert. The television seems to be set up in front of a window with white and black curtains. There is a stereo to the very right of the screen, only half of it is seen, but you can still make it out. There are also a few things scattered around on top of the television stand. This is happening at night because you can see the darkness from outside the window and there is a lamppost that is lit to illuminate some light.

00:02 – The camera zooms out so that the living room is more on display including a lamp, but now we have a man who is shown sitting on the couch facing the camera. He’s looking directly into the camera and looks like he is about to start talking. His right hand is up, and has his pointer and middle finger bent, seemingly looking like quotations with his fingers.

00:04 – The next scene cuts to the man who was sitting on the couch in the previous frame is now sitting on some kind of workout bicycle. We see a different side as we see what might be the other side of the living room. Focusing on him right now, he is not completely centered as he is to the right a bit. He is also eating cereal while on this workout bike. In the background we see a desk with a lamp and personal items on it. There are also pictures on the wall above the desk. On the left side of the man there are boxes and a countertop and other items. Which I assume that to the left of him is the kitchen. 

00:06 – The scene quickly cuts into another scene of the same man laying down on the couch with a bowl of popcorn right by him. He looks to be watching something intently while laying down. The only other thing to point out in the scene is that there is a blanket behind him, nothing else for this frame.

00:07 – The next frame cuts to the guy, but now we are introduced to a female with him. Can assume to be a significant other as the female is laying her head down in the males lap while falling asleep. The male is looking down as she can assume to be lovingly, as they sit on the couch. Parts of the kitchen and living room are shown in the background. 

00:09 – The cut zooms in to where we can only see the male close up. Who seems to be staring into the camera while talking about something intently. 

00:10 – Another cutscene with a woman laying with him, but this time resting her head on his shoulder with closed eyes, seemingly sleeping. While he is watching something on what we can assume to be the television. The woman is probably someone very close to him.

00:11 – It seems to be a continuation of the scenes where the male is watching something intently on the screen and the woman is asleep in different positions but laying with him. Within this scene the camera angle is different, but she is laying on his lap again. He is drinking a soda. 

00:14 – This time the female and male are up, no longer laying on the couch. They are standing up and moving around. Their arms are up in a way that seems that they are dancing around with each other. Enjoying whatever is playing in the background. 

00:15 – They both are now sitting on the couch both just sitting on their phones. The female was playing with her hair while immersed in her phone. The male resting his leg up on the table in front of him. 

00:18 – The female is walking around behind the couch on her phone. While the male is laying on the couch eating pizza and seemingly watching the television.

00:19 – In this frame they are dancing once again, but this time more intimately. What I mean by that is that they are slow dancing in this frame while the last dance was just dancing on their own, but with each other. While all of this is taking place in the same setting, the living room of the couple, and in between the living room and kitchen. After watching the visuals and breaking down, it seems that the setting stays the same as they may be stuck in the same area over time, I would say this because the clothes seem to continuously change.

00:20 – Similar to previous frames, the woman is now again laying on the males lap. While the male is looking at the camera again. Looks like he is about to speak again as his mouth is slightly open.

00:21 – The male is still in the same position, while the woman seems to be moving. She looks as if she is saying something, but is also going to touch or grab his shirt for a motion.

00:23 – She readjusts to get back comfortable while the male now rests his hand on her arm to comfort her. He moves his head and adjusts it to tild and look down at her while she continues to rest.

00:24 – It zooms back in on the males face. He stares at the camera but this time with a slight look of disappointment. 

00:26 – The male is in the middle of talking to the camera again. Posture relaxed as he is still resting on the couch.

00:27 – It zooms back out to where you can see the woman laying on the male again. Although now this time there is a big font in the middle that says, “The more we mask, the more we get back. #MaskUpAmerica.” The writing is in big bold letters, and is white color font. In the center of the screen. With the man in the background facing the camera mid-talking.

00:28 – The text is still centered on the screen, but the guy looks away with a remote up in his hand now looking at the television.

It ends with putting the remote down and just looking over at the television. The ad was created to be more of a safety ad showing the couple doing things at home and enjoying they’re at home “concert.” The purpose is to show that masking up will allow for society to go back to normal and how it was before the outbreak. Masking up will allow for people to get back to real concerts, not just online ones.

I believe that the ad creates an interesting narrative which can sort of be put together. Although, as this is a visual rhetoric this is written without sound. The ad with sound would combine with the visual and create an even better narrative that portrays the message a little clearer.

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4 Responses to Visual Rhetoric Rewrite – rushhourillusion

  1. davidbdale says:

    I haven’t watched the video yet, Rush, and I’ve read only to the 00:14 mark, but by the time we’ve witnessed the consumption of soda, popcorn, and pizza, interspersed with a lot of couch-potatoing AND several suggestions of dancing at home and in clubs, aren’t you beginning to put together some sort of narrative thread that would connect those elements?

    Don’t wait until the last paragraph to indicate whether and when you start to get the point of the video, or what you think the persuasive argument might be AS IT DEVELOPS.

    I’ll read the rest of your comments now, but my best advice so far would be to narrate us through NOT JUST what you’re SEEING, but WHY you think the creators of the video made the choices they made.

  2. davidbdale says:

    Nobody would have guessed from your descriptions that the video was promoting mask-wearing, Rush, so I have to ask, “Was the ad effective?” Did it in any way use the visuals to promote the “persuasive argument” it was making?

    It’s possible that a piece of very persuasive video work depends largely on its soundtrack. That may be the case here. Perhaps the words spoken at the beginning of the video by the man would have given us the context we needed to understand everything that followed.

    If so, explain that to us now. AND analyze how well the visuals PAIR WITH or AMPLIFY or DISTRACT FROM the message.

    It’s true that as you talk us through the video, you’ve been instructed to ignore the sound, and you’ve done that. So, you have two choices. Continue to ignore that video and describe JUST HOW POORLY the visuals communicate by themselves. OR do a blended analysis that explains how the visuals DEPEND on the soundtrack to make their contribution to the message.

  3. rushhourilllusion says:

    I fixed some of the things within the feedback.

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