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0:01: The video appears to start in a forest. There are many trees with green leaves. There is a cartoon brown bear head in the middle of the screen. The bear is wearing a yellow hat with the name “Smokey” on it. The sun is shining in the background with rays protruding past the bear and throughout the trees. It appears to be sunny, and nice weather.  The bear appears to be talking to the audience. It appears to be a beautiful day with the trees swaying in the background, showing the beauty of the forest and the area around the cartoon Smokey. I think that they included Smokey as a welcoming feature. Smokey is known for his efforts in helping prevent wildfires and promoting positive ideas about safety in the forest. The overall tone seems like it is going to be upbeat and informative. It is a bright and pretty background showing the authenticity of what it is that he is saying. 

0:04: The scene drastically changes at the four second mark. There are two male adults sitting in chairs around a fire. There is a tent in the background implying that they are on a camping trip. The two are talking and around them are coolers, drinks, buckets, and two thermoses on a table in between the two men. There are leaves all around them on the ground, implying that it is probably some time in the fall. We can also gather this from the clothes they are wearing. The man on the right has a blanket on the back of the chair he is sitting on. They are dressed in warmer clothes, both in long pants and long sleeves. They are looking out and admiring their view and the trees and sky above them. The point of this clip is to give live footage of campers living in the forest. They are laughing and having a good time which supports my earlier claim that it is a positive atmosphere. The fire is burning to keep them warm and comfortable showing that they are having a great time and enjoying one another’s company. The yellow tent in the background blends with the trees but also adds a positive light and meaning to the scene. The man on the left is using hand gestures showing that they are in an in depth conversation with one another. 

0:06: A close up of the man on the left shows an African American male. He is holding a blue coffee cup, wearing a red beanie with a navy and tan wool jacket. The background is blurry, leaving him to be the main focus. While I do not know for sure, I can assume that they wanted to include two diverse people to show the different types of people that enjoy camping activities. The sun is shining on the side of his face as he is elaborately speaking. His dimples and facial expressions show that he is very interested in the conversation. The quick scene ends with him shaking his head and switching to the other man to get his opinion. 

0:08: The camera switches to the man on the right who is a middle aged white man with brown hair, a beard and a mustache and is wearing an auburn colored puffer jacket. He is holding a leaf that appears to be used as a prop while he is talking. The white man appears to have said “alright” while putting his hands up. It is unclear what it is that he is responding to, since the video was viewed with no sound. But, the two look to be having a friendly conversation. I think that the producer did this to show not necessarily what the conversation was about, but more of small talk between the two of them. 

0:11: The two men are seen straight on looking at each other conversing. All of their camping supplies like the cups, heater, buckets and table are in view showing that they are staying there for a prolonged period of time. It is not a day trip. They are there for the long haul and thoroughly enjoying eachothers company. 

0:13: A quick glimpse of the african american man, switches to his phone lighting up with Smokey the bear talking to the two men. It appears that the black man has summoned Smokey using a feature similar to that of “hey siri”. The bear’s mouth is moving and a siri bar is playing, implying that Smokey is talking to the two of them. Smokey talks for

0:20: The African American man is talking and smiling back at Smokey as he is talking to the two men. It seems like what Smokey is saying is both informative and entertaining because the men are smiling and enthusiastically answering him. 

0:21: The camera shows the white man who is intently listening to Smokey as he has his ear turned toward the phone to ensure that he is hearing exactly what it is that Smokey is saying. He then lowers his eyebrows and has a distinct, confused, puzzled look on his face that leaves the audience wondering what exactly it is that Smokey is saying. 

0:24: The white man makes another confused face and appears to say the word “really” with a questioning look. It appears that he is thinking about what Smokey was saying through the phone.

0:26: A final shot of the two men sitting there leaves us wondering what it is that Smokey said. The white man is looking closely at the black man while he is talking. He has almost a questioning look listening to what it is that he has to say. It appears that he has left them with valuable information that has left them thinking about. 

0:27: A brown screen appears with an all white visual of Smokey the bear that reads “Only you can prevent wildfires” followed by the website Here we get the idea that this was about wildlife prevention. We can make assumptions that Smokey the bear was giving them ways to protect and prevent wildfires from occurring. This is the longest scene that goes without interruption so they definitely wanted us to have time to read and access information if need be. 

This short commercial is used as an advertisement for protection of the wildfires that destroy thousands of acres of land. While it is unclear exactly what smokey the bear said, we can assume that he gave them some advice to protect themselves from the wildfires. They displayed two men, in the wilderness with nothing but trees around them. They are sitting by the fire with cups in their hands, and they appear to be enjoying each other’s company due to their smiling facial expressions and calm mannerisms. While smokey the bear is sort of a cartoon figure, it adds a level of immaturity that children would also enjoy. The idea of Smokey the Bear is one that I have heard of before and it has become an animation that is known for providing useful information to people. The two appear to be in the middle of nowhere, so if there was a wildfire, they would need to know what precautions that they would need to take. This advertisement is a light hearted, and informative commercial. There is no ill meaning or negativity in it. Overall, it leaves the audience with a positive and upbeat message from Smokey the bear and the two men who are camping. They leave us with the goal of preventing wildfires and relying on Smokey to tell us what to do. 

Need to elaborate more in analysis

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