Visual Rewrite-Bubbarowan96

0.01 The ad starts out with someone ringing the doorbell and the boy looking out of the loop hole because he is trying to see what is outside of the door. He is looking out the peephole to find out if the pizza has arrived. He doesn’t know how the pizza is going to look, he just assumes that pizza is going to look fine like it always does but he was very wrong. The boy looked very happy before getting the pizza because it looked like he was very hungry and wanted his food badly so he ran to the door expecting a very delicious pizza and he got a squished up and old pizza. 

0.03 The boy opens the door and a man hands the kid a pizza box, when the boy opens up the pizza box there is a pizza inside but it’s all squished up. He was very shocked when he got the pizza because he didn’t expect the pizza to look like that at all. He was having all sorts of emotions in his head and on his face. The expression was so sad that it looked like he was so hurt to the point where he was going to cry because he got his hopes up about the food looking very good and he was very let down by the fact that the pizza looked as bad as it did in the ad. 

0.05 The video was still of the boy reacting to the pizza. He was very upset because he really wanted the pizza and now the pizza looked like a disaster just like what the ad is trying to prove in this ad. The lights are on in the house, and it looks like it’s only the boy that is home at that time. The kid looked very upset and he looked like he was going to tear up and start crying because he was upset that the pizza was a mess. The pizza might have looked like that because the people at the pizzeria don’t know how to do their job at the place or maybe the pizza guy dropped the pizza on purpose.

0.07 The video then cuts to two adults dancing in the kitchen. The woman apparently doesn’t like the guys dancing at all. They both looked like they were having a bunch of fun in the kitchen. It looks like they’re by themselves bonding together trying to have a really good time. It looks like she really isn’t impressed. It looked like they were cooking dinner for themselves and just trying to live life and have fun just being together in the kitchen by themselves. Maybe she was going to try to help her husband with his dancing skills cause according to her, he couldn’t dance to save his life at all. 

0.09 .The video is still of the couple dancing. I couldn’t tell if she’s joking or not but she also says, “You’re a disaster”. The guy was trying his very best to learn the dance but it turns out that he just can’t dance at all according to the lady that was dancing next to him in the kitchen. They were trying to dance but I couldn’t really understand what song or what the thing that they were looking at was. That’s because the tablet was facing the other way so the only people that could see it was them. 

0.11 The video then cuts to a girl trying to put lipstick on her face. She then starts to hear the sound of thunder. She was starting to get a little bit scared because she was afraid that the power was going to go out so she couldn’t do her makeup. Then it happens, the power goes out and now she can’t see a thing in the bathroom. She was very shaken and scared. She went to get something from her room. 

0.18 The video is still of the girl trying to put on makeup. When she went to her room, she went to grab a flashlight, and she shined it at her face and said, “This is a disaster”. She started to point at her face because she wasn’t expecting the power to just randomly go out on her like that while she was trying to put makeup on her face. She wanted the power to come back on so she could continue to try to fix her makeup. She wasn’t expecting the power to go out so she panicked and she ran to the room to find some sort of light so she at least could see something in the room. She had a bag of stuff to make sure that she was prepared for whatever was going to happen that night even if the power didn’t seem to come back on. She had flashlights and had all sorts of things in her bag. 

0.22 The video cuts to a woman saying, “You can’t be ready for every little disaster. But you can prepare for a big one. She was trying to explain that you don’t have to be prepared for every disaster. Also, you can call the number that is on the screen and start to make an emergency plan today at the website, “” or call the number 311. They bring together the most creative minds in advertising, media, and technology and marketing to address many of the nation’s most important causes. They are trying to save the lives of other people because they don’t want people to get hurt out there in today’s world. Also, they want people to call the number because they want to save people and help them just in case of an emergency coming to their neighborhood. They want everyone to know that they are safe and that they are in good hands and that they have nothing to worry about when they go to the site or call the number. 

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5 Responses to Visual Rewrite-Bubbarowan96

  1. davidbdale says:

    Bubba, I usually start out feedback on these posts by NOT WATCHING THE VIDEO. I depend on your descriptions to “show me” the visuals you’re describing. At the same time, I’m counting on you to INTERPRET the visuals sow I’ll understand the director’s INTENTIONS in CHOOSING all the details of the visuals. If I change my mind about that approach as I evaluate your work, I’ll let you know.

    —OK. Let’s start by saying these must be some VERY WELL TRAINED polar bears! How in the world did the director find animals so able to emote on command?
    —Let’s start again. You haven’t mentioned that the ad is ANIMATED, Bubba. We discussed this very detail in class. How is the reader supposed to know what you’re seeing if you don’t tell them that artists drew these characters? Here, more than ever, you know FOR CERTAIN that the creators of the ad were in COMPLETE CONTROL of every element of the presentation. They CAST, they DIRECTED, they COSTUMED; they could even change the SETTING just by drawing new scenes. Start there. Then indicate HOW YOU KNOW this is a family. And HOW IN THE WORLD can you distinguish between a boy and an girl polar bear?

    0.04 There was a family (of people? of bears?) out there starting to sled and the polar bear started to come out because he heard a bunch of people (how do you know that?) out there having a lot of fun. Are human children and polar bears and dogs all sledding? It appears that there may be something that the polar bear is looking at that is important to the polar bear (you can tell this how?) because he sees the kid on it and he loves the kid.

    0.07 because he hasn’t done anything wrong (Has there been some suggestion that the polar bear MIGHT have done something wrong, or are you just assuming that maybe kids would be afraid of a bear out of prejudice?) The zoom-out shows us that they (who?) She wants the polar bear to push her down the hill. (How in the world is this indicated?)

    I don’t think I’ll continue asking the same question, Bubba. My intention is not to beat you up, just to remind you that the reader can see nothing and depends on you for all the details, ESPECIALLY how the director indicates the relationships between the characters.

    0.32 This ad was created to advise the viewers that polar bears are very friendly to other people (Really? How many of us are going to interact with polar bears?) and it wants to make everyone safe outdoors.

    How well does the ad do to persuade us to follow A VERY WIDE RANGE OF RECOMMENDATIONS? 1) be nice to polar bears? 2) stay ahead of the snow storm? 3) pitch your tent early? 4) maintain social distance? That’s A LOT of advice for one 30-second spot. Do the ad’s creators manage to convey all that information successfully?

  2. davidbdale says:

    I am now watching the video. I’m just a few seconds in, and I was AMAZED to see a dog-sled. I had no idea from your description that Dad was riding a dog-sled pulled by a team of dogs and that his daughter was riding on the sled he steered. According to the rules of the assignment, I should have COMPLETELY UNDERSTOOD that was the situation from your description.

  3. davidbdale says:

    I have to wonder if we’re looking at the same video. There are no “arrows” in the one you shared with me. There’s no chair, no fire pit, no dousing of the fires with snow. Are you making these claims based on a longer video?

    Also, I can’t tell from the 30-second spot that anybody is giving the viewer ANY ADVICE AT ALL.

  4. davidbdale says:

    I finally figured out this did not come from the Ad Council collection on YouTube, Bubba. That’s why it’s incomplete. Choose a 30-second spot from THIS source:

  5. davidbdale says:

    Thank you for replacing your non-compliant video with one from the Ad Council collection, Bubba.

    I’ve had to move on to other feedback requests from your classmates, but before I go, let me leave an important piece of guidance here.

    You’re supposed to analyze JUST THE VISUALS of these ads NOT THE SOUNDTRACK. Clear instructions were given in the assignment and in class to MUTE THE VIDEO and IGNORE THE DIALOG AND BACKGROUND SOUNDS.

    It just so happens you’ve chosen a video that doesn’t function very well without the dialog. The boy who gets the pizza says “This is a disaster.” The dancing woman tells her dance partner, “You’re a disaster.” The girl who botches her makeup says, “This is a disaster.” And, as you’ve noted, the narrator tells the viewers directly that they can’t be prepared for EVERY disaster, etc.

    SO . . . Here’s what you do.

    1. You analyze the video completely without sound. You can keep much of what you’ve already done but eliminate any reference to what you might have heard. In the case of the pizza boy, you’re going to have to admit that without hearing what he has to say, you don’t understand the importance of his scene. The same goes for the dancers. She looks disappointed in his moves, but we have no idea that she’s using the same language the boy did to describe her disappointment. We also don’t know that the makeup girl has called her smeary red lips a disaster. You’re going to need to acknowledge that WITHOUT THE SOUND, you don’t really have any idea what’s going on until you see the script on the screen that spells out: You can’t be ready for every little disaster. Then, IN RETROSPECT, you might be able to recognize the scenes as little plays about small disappointments people CALL disasters.

    2. THEN, in a paragraph or two at the end of your analysis, tell us that you listened to the audio after writing your analysis and describe how much the dialog ADDS TO THE COMPREHENSIBILITY of the message.


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