Rhetoric- Njdevilsred17

0:01 The ad starts out with a scenic background right away. The background includes buildings from a city from afar and hills and trees which are closer and from a viewing standpoint are more noticeable than the city. There is also a father with his little son in the middle of the screen as we are to focus on them as they seem to be important characters. The father appears to be carrying a backpack and is pointing towards the trees. It is not clear what the backpack is holding or what the son may be holding but it looks like they are hiking. The father’s hand appears to be moving upwards which causes the viewers to look further up on the screen to see what he is trying to show his son. 

The camera later in that second starts to zoom out really quickly. The zoom-out shows us that they are walking on a trail and are surrounded by nature. It appears that the son is scared because he is holding on to his father’s pants as he is showing him something that we as the viewer are not able to see. 

0:04 At this point there was an abrupt change of scenery of a camping ground. It appears that the son is not in the picture and there is a female there instead. It seems like this may be the little boy’s mother and that this is what the father is showing to his son where he had been with his mother. It appears that the father is resting while the mother is reading a book. Behind the mother and the father, it appears that the trees that are directly behind them are the same trees that the father and the son were near earlier. 

0:08 There is another change of scenery with a new character who appears inside his home. This character appears to look at a phone and there is an arrow that is pointing at the phone. It appears that there may be something that the guy is viewing on his phone that is important. 

Later on in that second, words appear on the screen beneath the arrow that is in bold and in all capital letters. These words that appear on the screen say, “CHECK GUIDELINES AND RESTRICTIONS.” The camera appears to zoom in once the words appear on the screen so the viewers direct their attention to the words that appear on the screen. 

0:11 The scenery at this point has a male and a female doing different activities. The female which appears to be in the right corner of the screen is carrying an orange backpack and is using binoculars to view something from afar. The male that is further back appears to be biking on a pathway. The area that they are in appears to be a green grassy area.

0:12 In just a second the camera shifts the female closer to the middle of the screen and the man in the background becomes more visible to the viewers. Three bold words appear in the middle of the screen directly in front of the female. The three words state, “PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING”. 

Directly below the message appears to be an arrow that is pointed at the female. This makes the viewer see that the female and the male are doing the activities that they like outside even with social distancing. 

0:15 The next part of the ad has a female that is walking her dog outside. The background appears to have a lot of buildings compact together which makes the viewer think that she is located in the city. It appears to be a nice and sunny day as the pink flowers are blooming and you can see a bright reflection of the lake behind the female. The female appears to be dressed up in shorts and a tank top which makes the viewers believe it may be summertime. 

0:16 In just a snap an new event is occurring and this includes a man holding a stick and staring at a fire pit. There is also an arrow that points directly to the fire pit and has a message above it stating, “KEEP YOU PILE SMALL”. The word small was emphasized in a bigger font to let the viewers know that it is very important for the pile of sticks for a fire pit to be small. It appears that the guy is in his backyard which appears to be near the woods. The camera appears to be zooming straight toward the light up fire pit which is very big. 

0:19 The same character seems to have made a small fire pit and seems to be in a different area. It appears that he is near a lake and has set up a chair not too close to the fire so that he can sit near the fire safely. 

0:23 The man appears to be taking out the fire by pouring water all over it. A new arrow appears on the screen pointing at the bucket of water and has a sign that says “DROWN”. This is showing the viewers that the fire should be drowned in water before you leave is very important to do. 

0:26 The man appears to be kneeling down on one knee on the grass and feeling the wood that was used for the fire pit. An arrow pointing at the man shows that this is important to do because you need to make sure that the fire is completely out. A bold word that appears under the arrow states “FEEL”. 

0:28 There is a message on the screen that advises the viewers saying, “KEEP OUR SAFE PLACES SAFE”. This ad was created to advise the viewers that everyone safe outdoors is important to keep our forests safe from fires. The fires spread quickly throughout the forests and one way to avoid that is by destroying the fire and making sure it’s out. Also, people should keep a distance for the safety of the people around them and themselves.


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