Causal- Chance

2. You can prove that there is NO PREJUDICE in favor of organs that would cause doctors to favor a patient’s death BUT ACKNOWLEDGE that there is STRONG RESISTANCE to organ donation among people who nonetheless BELIEVE in the myth of “expedited donation.”

When it comes to organ donation there are a lot of myths that go around. With these myths , we do not know if they are true or not but a lot of people stand by them. To be specific, patients believe that if they are an organ donor then they will not get the proper treatment they deserve so their organs can be given to someone in need of them. This causes people to not want to be organ donors because they fear that if they are ever in a situation where it’s life or death , it will result in death. 

There has been no proof that health care providers actually do treat patients who are organ donors with unfair treatment , but there is a well built resistance

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