Purposeful Summaries- Chance

ONE ( source: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-34214029 )

It seems counterintuitive that snake bites have been a problem being that as many as 100,000 people around the world die from snakebites annually. Snake venom is made up of numerous proteins and they all have different effects on the human body. 

There are only two ways that snakes can make us suffer. The two ways are by going after the nervous system and/or circulatory system. With the haemotoxic venom , it goes right to the bloodstream which causes holes to be punched in the blood vessels. This causes the patient affected by the bit to bleed to death. Different venoms can raise or lower blood pressure, stop or start bleeding, or even cause it. All of them are no good. Neurotoxic venom acts faster, attacking the nervous system and preventing nerve signals from reaching the muscles.

It further implies paralysis, beginning at the head and progressing down the body until, if left untreated, the diaphragm is paralyzed and the patient is unable to breathe. Ptosis, or the inability to keep one’s eyes open, is a classic symptom of this. Around the bite necrosis can form, which is the death of cells.  Necrosis can lead to things like amputation of the limb where the bite is at.

While snakebites are not that common, for other people living in certain areas it is more common After a victim is bit, it is recommended that they do not move the injured area unless absolutely necessary, and they should try to keep their heart rate at a minimum until they are able to  reach a hospital and receive the appropriate anti-venom treatment.

TWO ( source: https://phr.org/our-work/resources/pandemic-burnout-the-toll-of-covid-19-on-health-care-workers-and-children/?CID=701f40000018pCMAAY&ms=FY20_SEM_GoogleGrant&gclid=CjwKCAiA6Y2QBhAtEiwAGHybPdbEXVtEHCRr77nLzqz6IIzXeGBl2gKtEzsN1w1h_fpSRdgSUOf_hxoCW7IQAvD_BwE

It seems counterintuitive that the pandemic has had many effects on people’s mental health , especially children. The pandemic too has abandoned children, particularly those in Mainly black neighborhoods, without the regular support and guidance and support from their societies, relatives, and teachers.

Children who are from wealthier neighborhoods have better resources to accommodate the situation at hand, which is the pandemic. On the other hand , with kids who are less fortunate the resources are scarce. To add on , in these neighborhoods the leaders do not make an effort to make their situation better.

To correct these issues , it starts with trust on the leader’s end. If the children can trust you then they will be open to working with you to make their situation better. If the kids see that you are not against them but actually for them , then you will see a more positive outcome when resources are put into place.

THREE (Source: https://ccp.jhu.edu/2021/05/17/maternal-mortality-black-mamas-race-momnibus/?gclid=CjwKCAiA6Y2QBhAtEiwAGHybPbbNeExh_-yV75kYCl3C_J9-hEh1Hnph4OCMbi1JCycj_tPfiBnY0xoC0Y4QAvD_BwE )

It seems counterintuitive that the maternal mortality rate for women of color is fairly high. Women of color are four times more likely than white women to die during pregnancy. This discrepancy is grounded in oppressive and inequitable systems, and it remains in place even after controlling for education, BMI, and socioeconomic status.

Unconscious bias in the medical system and its actors is fueling this crisis. In a 2016 survey of white med students, half believed that genetic variants in Black patients, such as tougher skin and far less sensitive nerve endings, were untrue. Another 2020 study discovered that when Black babies are cared for by a Black physician, they are more likely to survive. Racism was recently declared a public health threat by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The maternal mortality crisis in the United States demonstrates the truth of this statement: Racism, not race, is to blame for the deaths of America’s Black mothers and babies.

While behind alarming statistics and discrepancies are people that love and had been adored and also who did leave alone heartbroken people and friends. The above tragedies could also have been avoided.

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1 Response to Purposeful Summaries- Chance

  1. davidbdale says:

    1. I don’t see anything counterintuitive about your first article, Chance. If snakes no longer existed, dying of a snakebite would be very counterintuitive. Or if their bite could be cured by a drink of water, dying from one would be counterintuitive. If more and more people died every year from snakebites despite their declining population, that would be counterintuitive. If cars were being made safer every year but more passengers died in crashes annually, that would be counterintuitive. I see no contradiction in your article of any kind.

    2. Perhaps one way to state the counterintuitive nature of your second article would be to say that children who require the most support to survive the health dangers of a global pandemic in the world’s richest society are the most vulnerable. Phrasing the basic situation that way might give you a good start on revising the rest of your observations to support that basic injustice.

    3. What a tragic and unjust situation you describe in 3, Chance! I do want to recommend a sequencing and emphasis strategy that will better convey the counterintuitivity, though. You say:

    It seems counterintuitive that the maternal mortality rate for women of color is fairly high. Women of color are four times more likely than white women to die during pregnancy. This discrepancy is grounded in oppressive and inequitable systems, and it remains in place even after controlling for education, BMI, and socioeconomic status.

    Clearly, the overall situation is counterintuitive, but not the aspect you first identify. A “fairly high” maternal mortality rate is not counterintuitive. But a big discrepancy in maternal mortality rate NOT RELATED TO education, BMI, or socioeconomic status IS counterintuitive. (Or could be; maybe there’s a really obvious underlying condition we’re not considering, like age. Giving birth probably kills a disproportionate percentages of birth mothers younger than 15 or older than 40, for example.) But that RACE should be the “underlying condition” confounds reason (and is therefore counterintuitive).

    I hope I’ve done a fair job of helping you understand how to identify and explain counterintuitivity, Chance. Feel free to revise this post before it is graded.

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