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Your Deadbeat Friends Could Cost You a Loan

It seems counterintuitive that loan companies are now judging on whether they should give you a loan or not based on your engagement on social media, or your friends credit history with paying loans.

Companies like Neo and Loan up are looking on accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to see how active you are and to see if your friends are paying their loans as well. So if your friend has not paid a loan or missed one you are more likely to not be granted a loan. These online loan companies are looking for accounts who seem to be more likely to pay the loan based on how active you are on social media. 

These loan companies are also looking mostly at your engagement in the app. They are looking for people who use social media often, and have good looking accounts. They are not looking for small accounts with little to no following and nothing to show for. 

They look on places like linkedin to see your employment status and what type of paying job you have, and how it contributes to you paying your bill on time. They want people who have good looking social media platforms to grant these loans to. How do we know that these are good ways to give loans, or just another form of redlining? This may be a form of discrimination.

Men Define Rape

It seems counterintuitive that throughout time men have defined rape, whether be good or bad and got away with it. Many times in history (even recent) hold outrageous criteria to whether a woman was raped or not and does not cater to the victim but only the man.

Many times throughout history there is a claim that if a woman was to become impregnated from rape it is not rape because you can only get pregnant consenually. Leaving so many women unable to get the justice they deserve because they ended up pregnant. 

Also many laws were in place that stated that statutory rape is not real if the woman is impure, stripping her of any validity of the situation and leaving her without justice.

Mormons Baptize Anne Frank

It seems counterintuitive that Mormons have baptized anne frank multiple times throughout the years despite critics disagreeing with the practice and urging the church to stop.

A holocaust survivor who was very much alive was also recently submitted for posthumous baptism, and the survivor urged against the church to stop the practice for all holocaust survivors. There have been campaigns against the practice and pacts to make these churches vow to not put any of the names on the lists they have.

In 1995 there was an agreement with Mormon churches to stop putting posthumous baptism of Jewish people, except in the case of direct descendants, but many have failed to follow.

Despite being very disrespectful to the person, it is a very common practice. Many are trying to get the names taken from the list, despite many keeping them there and not changing them. Churches have vowed to stop, but have continued, even after the constant begging of them to cease with putting their names in the list.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Just a quick note to acknowledge I’ve seen your Summaries. Insufferable feedback to follow.

    You must be a mind-reader, F0rest. You’ve selected three of my favorite counterintuitive examples. I’m so glad to see “deadbeat friends” and “Anne Frank” here, side by side. Students rarely choose those topics.

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